The Top #7 Forex Trading Websites To Follow In 2015

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I’ve compiled the small list of the forex trading websites I visits every day… Every one of the site from the list helped me staying updated in the constant update with market moves… How much my primary trading style involve technical analysis, I always like to know what can boost or screw my open trades. So my top #8 trading websites are…

Top Trading Website #1 – FxStreet (
FxStreetFxStreet is one of the leading websites in the forex world, with a lot of updates on the new during a day and a lot of nice features I really think this site deserve 1st spot on the list. Main reason, why I like to use this site, is there forex economic calendar (definitely best free one) and there live trading show with Dale (Dale is the best if you need a little bit of motivation).

Top Trading Website #2 – ForexLive (
Forex Live
Forex Live is also one of the most visited traders forex websites…but that is not why they are on the list, the main reason for them being on my list is great news coverage… Their team is full of veteran traders (10+ years of trading) and their effort updating every single news faster than half of trading calendars really prove why you should visit this site from time to time.

Top Trading Website #3 – ForexFactory (
Forex Factory Forex Factory is probably biggest forex forum, also they offer trading calendar and news but the only thing I’m searching their forum… On the ForexFactory there is a lot of good analysts, so this is not a bad place to check what other people thing about some pair if you got stuck without being spammed with offers (ff team hate advertisements more than I do). Also, if you have some good strategy to share and get feedback you can do over forex factory forum.

Top Trading Website #4 – Bloomberg (
Bloomberg is the biggest brand in trading news world, so this is one of the sites I use regularly… This is a good place to start your day, to get a feeling and update what was moving in the previous session also there radio is not that bad if you like to listen about financial markets.

Top Trading Website #5 – DailyFx (
DailyFX is a part of FXCM family, but their website can give you nice ideas what can you expect from the market. A lot of great analysts there can help you in both trading approaches (fundamental and technical)… This is maybe not the website I check every day, but probably we can say I visit this once per week, so go and check it, maybe you’ll find it more helpful.

Top Trading Website #6 – ForexCrunch (
Forex Crunch
ForexCrunch is also one of the top websites in the fundamental world. I personally like the writing style and detailed reports on what events we need to focus next, to stay one step ahead of the biggest market in the world. So if fundamental trading is something you like Yohay and his site is something that you really need to visit on a daily basis.

Top Trading Website #7 – ForexMagnates(
Forex Magates
ForexMagaets is the final website I really like to check, the main purpose of this site is to provide information on the forex brokers. For me that run small forex fund, this is important, I need always to be sure that my money and my clients money is safe all year long.

You checked my list of the forex websites I visit every day, now first of all you should add my site “Wave Power” in your list… and also let me know what sites help you most through the trading day.

More interesting things that will improve your trading are coming fast on the blog, so don’t forget to visit my site again soon…


  • Francesc Riverola

    March 3, 2015

    In behalf of FXStreet thanks a lot for including us in your list of best forex sites along so great sites like Forex Factory, forex Live, Forex Crunch….
    After 15 years in the fx market it is refreshing and really encouraging to see that many appreciate our job out there

    A big thanks!


  • Yohay

    March 3, 2015

    Thank you very much for highlighting my website and the kind words. I’m honored!