Top 8 Traders To Follow On Twitter In 2015!

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Twitter is like you already know, one of the most popular social platform in the world… But this platform, not only become popular among teenagers, a lot of professional traders around the world are using this platform to share ideas and stay updated with every market move.

top 8 traders to follow on twitter 2015

But as much as following trader after trader can be helpful, this can also turn into a nightmare due a lot of spammy and irrelevant twits… Today I want to share a list of top 8 traders that I follow and that I think may be helpful to each trader that want to take trading to the next level.
Trader #1 Rob Booker @robbooker ( Followers: 11,900+ )
rob booker
Rob is trader that I think most people already know, it’s not strange thing to say when we have his articles at all major financial website. He is also one of the divergence traders that I can guarantee make money trading on the currency market. Now on his twitter you are going to find a lot of good trading setups every day, and personally my favorite part of his twitter is updates of traders podcast (a lot of people do podcast, but his  podcast are defiantly something you need to listen). So start building your twitter feed with @robbooker for sure…

Trader #2 Dale Pinkert @ForexStopHunter ( Followers: 6,870+ )
dale pinkert
What to say about this trader and not to sound unreal, Dale is one of the people that amazed me after I got a chance to talk with him. He is working hard, trying to motivate traders around the world to stay on the right side of the market. You probably know him from his #fxroom that he does over at fx street ( top #1 forex website we mentioned this week ). If you really need motivation, and you want to learn some new secrets tips from veteran trader (30+ years of experience), then Dale is one of the persons you need to watch every single day.

Trader #3 Kathleen Brooks @KATHLEENBROOKS ( Followers: 384 )
Kathleen brooks
Kathleen is one of the best female traders, she is a research director at Gain Capital (better known as I had the opportunity to meet her few years ago when we both spoke on the UK Forex Trading Conference. After that conference I just fall in love with her style and quality of approaching the market, you can see her work every day on twitter and other websites, so if you are interested in having professional trader on your side go and follow her.

Trader #4 Kathy Lien @kathylienfx ( Followers: 28,800+ )
kathy lien
Best words to describe Kathy would be “fundamental guru”, she is one of the people you need to follow if you like to the trade news. Everything you need to know about today’s events and how to trade them, you can find on her twitter feed. All day they long you are going to find news, more-less instantly, and a lot of good ideas on how you can trade the news, so she should be for sure one of the companions that you need on your road to being a successful trader.

Trader #5 Vladimir Ribakov @VladimirRibakov ( Followers: 2,050+ )
vladimir ribakov
Vladimir is one of the top divergence forex traders I know. Vlad prove his knowledge over the years of running successful signals and coaching services for clients all around the world. I really like his way of trading, more because a lot of time we both have the same ideas in our heads (but that’s not so strange, a lot of minded people think alike). He like to share a lot of trading ideas on his twitter every day (if you don’t see new idea on twitter check his blog), so if you want to get some good trading idea from ex hedge fund trader, go and follow him right away.

Trader #6 Forex Live @ForexLive ( Followers: 59,600+ )
forexliveWhen you hear ForexLive, the first thing that come to your mind is news website, and yes you are right. Even if you visit their website regularly (as I suggest few days ago in this post) it’s also a smart thing to have them on twitter. Every news that they publish on the site, you can also see on their twitter instantly, and with really fast refresh rate of twitter, you are never going to miss important news data and best rumors with forexlive. I can strongly suggest you go and follow them on twitter.

I know everyone think that I just trade forex and crude, but that’s not 100% true, over the last couple of years a lot of times there was nothing interesting to trade in fx world, so I added mid-caps stocks for my own portfolio ( Elliott Wave works on all market so I don’t see why is this bad idea), now because of stock market there is a two amazing traders I need to mention at the end…

Trader #7 Cameron Fous @FousAlerts ( Followers: 31,100+ )
Cameron FousCameron is one of the few traders that have a similar approach to trading like me (not everything but we both like similar patterns), so I found his twits really useful. He has a really great ideas a lot of time and he is doing great job in motivating traders around the world by showing them his trade results and some exotic pictures… Now if you want to know what’s hot and what stocks should explode next, just follow him and you won’t go wrong.

Trader #8 Nathan Michaud @InvestorsLive ( Followers: 49,100+ )
nathanNathan, or maybe better to say InvestorsLive (because a lot of people know him from his site) is the owner of the biggest stock chat room. His performance and a lot of followers are more than enough to convince you that he should be on your twitter list… Now the biggest benefit that you can get from him is a lot of good trading ideas that he post during the market hours (talking about NY session) and also you can get some nice educational information from time to time.

This eight traders will be more than enough to get you fully equipped for never ending market battle. Of course, do not forget to follow me also (@ewNicola) so you always stay updated with best Elliott Wave setups every single day…

If you think I missed someone that you like in this list, just post there twitter handle below in the comment section and share it with my small community of traders.

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